St. Mary's Garden Club is a talented and welcoming group of dedicated gardeners and flower arrangers. The club - founded over eighty-five years ago in 1934 - was once affiliated with The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary but that is no longer the case. However, the club is fortunate to meet on church property, host functions on site and maintain two gardens as required by club bylaws.

Saint Mary’s Garden Club is dedicated to education and volunteerism. Monthly meetings are held from September to June and the meetings feature guest speakers on various topics related to horticulture, flower arranging and all aspects of gardening. Workshops are held and talented members share their expertise and bring energy and enthusiasm to all we undertake.

Whether arranging flowers for the elderly, maintaining gardens at the Blue Star Memorial Marker in Falmouth, or fundraising for the local Falmouth library, the group is eager and operates with style, energy, and warmth. New members feel welcomed and inspired to be actively involved.

Mary’s Garden Club welcomes members of the public at many meetings and program events throughout the year. We encourage any and all who are interested to join us. Whether as a guest, or as a potential new member, you are welcome!

Lucy Ellis, President
9:30 am Mushroom Walkabout
Location TBD

Join local mushroom hunters Pierre Janelle and Jamie Salomon on a fall walkabout at one of their 'secret locations' in Falmouth. These mushrooming experts will share their knowledge on how to recognize and identify various culinary mushrooms, how to harvest them, and how to enjoy these tasty delicacies in your own kitchen. Space is limited so members will have to sign up through an email form to reserve a spot. Also note that each participant on the mushroom walk will have to sign a disclaimer.

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

Tree Identification with Ken Canfield
Public Welcome $5.00

Come back for Part II of District Forester Ken Canfield's talk on native tree identification and forest management. In this presentation Ken will walk you through the park across from St. Mary's Church and discuss the defining characteristics of Maine trees. Participants will learn how to determine local species of trees based on various tree forms, leaf shapes, bark textures and colors. Wear your outdoor gear as we will be outdoors if it is not raining.

Hospitality: Julie Pew, Alora Carrier, Betsey Andersen

1:00 pm Hypertufa Workshop
17 Kelley Rd, Falmouth

Marianne Dodge will lead a hypertufa planter workshop at her home in Falmouth. Hypertufa, a mixture of one-third Portland cement and two-thirds vermiculite, perlite and/or peat moss, is formed in molds to create planters that are nearly as durable as pure concrete, but much lighter and easier to move around. Molds can be created out of old metal bowls, plastics, or woven baskets. Marianne has some containers for making both round and rectangular planters, but if you have something you'd like to use, please bring it. Plastic and metal can be reused, but woven baskets are destroyed in the unmolding process. Bring a pair of rubber gloves and a dark plastic trash bag for curing your creation.

Rain date: September 16, 1:00 pm

SEP 15

1:00 pm Drawing Workshop
St. Mary's Church

Who hasn't wished that she could draw what she sees in nature? Cameras are great, but there's nothing like focusing your eyes and your thoughts on the infinite details of even the simplest thing, and then expressing your vision on paper. You may think this would be impossible but you'd be surprised! Clare Walker Leslie has been teaching, writing books, and sharing her techniques and skills with others for years, and many skeptics have been amazed by what they've been able to create. Clare will be coming up from Cambridge MA for the day, and she will also have copies of her books to sell. Just bring some paper, pencils (including colored ones if you have any) and some items from nature (leaves, flowers, grasses, etc) and she will guide you and inspire you. Check out her website for even more inspiration:

Workshop Fee: $20.00

9:30 am Putting the Gardens to Bed
St. Mary's Church

We'll begin by putting the three Gardens (St. Mary's, Blue Star Memorial and Lois Murphy Kindness) to bed, so we'll start early today. Please arrive at your previously assigned garden at 9:30. Be sure to wear your gardening clothes and bring your tools. After an hour, everyone will gather at the church so we can begin our program at 11:00.

11:00 am Meeting
OCT 20
OCT 20

10:00 am Board Meeting
St. Mary's Church

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

"Floral Arrangements for the Holidays"

Just in time for the upcoming season, James McBride (Floral Designer and former owner of Compositions, and now Fleuriste at Papier) will give us some terrific ideas on how to make creative, unique arrangements for the Holiday Table. He will construct a special design area and will call on some willing participants to assist him in creating these floral displays. Following this enjoyable and educational activity, you'll also have a chance to win one of the final creations to take home for your own table!

Hospitality: Linda Grant, Vail Traina, Kelly Orzel

9:30 am Workshop
St. Mary's Church

Making a Thanksgiving Table Arrangemen"

As a follow-up to the monthly meeting, the Floral Design committee will lead interested members in making Thanksgiving table arrangements.

NOV 17
NOV 17
NOV 24

11:00 am Workshop
St. Mary's Church

Boxwood for the Holidays

Join Kelly Orzel and Marilyn Traiser this holiday season and learn how to create natural holiday décor using sprigs of boxwood. Kelly will show the group how to build boxwood wreaths using plant material, simple metal frames, and florist wire, while Marilyn will explain how to create and decorate small boxwood trees for Christmas.

12:00 pm Holiday Gathering and Reception
St. Mary's Church

We will follow the workshop with our traditional celebration: sweets and savories served in high style! Keep the spirit of giving going by bringing along non-perishable food and/or other essentials for the Falmouth Food Pantry.

Hospitality: Elaine Elliott, Lynne Werner, Layne Gregory, Holly Williams, Lynne Eldridge, Allison Metsker

DEC 15
DEC 15

10:00 am Board Meeting
Guild Room, St. Mary's Church

9:30 am Ikebana Workshop
St. Mary's Church

The Floral Design committee will be leading a workshop on Ikebana flower arranging. The school of Ikebana is TBD.

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

Aurelia Scott, Master Gardener and Garden Author

Have you entered a plant or flower in a national flower show? Whether you have or haven't – explore this world with Aurelia C. Scott. Aurelia is a Master Gardener and author of Otherwise Normal People: Inside the Thorny World of Competitive Rose Gardeners. Join Aurelia for a discussion of the world of rose shows and what she learned from spending time with 'crazy rose people.'

Hospitality: Mollie Mason, Susan McCracken, Dale Steffens

JAN 12
JAN 12
11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

Yardscaping is all about creating healthy landscapes for a healthy Maine. Our own Susan Gilpin, Master Gardener and chair of the Environmental Concerns and Horticulture Committee, will teach us how to develop a beautiful lawn that is safe for kids and pets while saving money, time and water. It will also lead to a healthier Casco Bay - for lobsters, fish, and all those tiny plankton which are the basis for our food chain. 'Friends of Casco Bay' have recently issued the results of a 22-year study on Water Quality in Casco Bay; come and learn about the latest research and how you can apply it in your own back yard!

Hospitality: Ellen Thayer, Mary Oliver, Jenifer Stewart

Field Trip, Philadelphia Flower Show
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

Join your garden club friends in experiencing the largest flower show in the country! We will leave on Monday, March 2nd from Portland Airport via Jet Blue and arrive in Philadelphia midday. After settling in, spend some time in the Historical District several blocks away or take in a meal in the famous Reading Terminal Market across the street or in Chinatown, which is just 2 blocks away. On Tuesday morning we'll get up and walk across the street to the Pennsylvania Convention Center and enjoy the day perusing the exhibits and vendors. As part of your admission ticket, you will have full access to the lounge in the center to rest, eat or catch up with friends. In addition, you will receive a discount for all vendors throughout the show. After a long, delightful day at the Flower Show, rest up or enjoy a night out in Philadelphia. We will return home on a non-stop flight from Philadelphia to Portland on Wednesday, March 4th.

Estimated Cost of Flight + 2 Nights of Hotel + Flower Show Admission = $750 to $900

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

Art in Bloom Friendly Club Competition

Love art almost as much as you love flowers? Why not combine the two!? Club members will be divided into teams based on geographic locations and choose a piece of artwork (statue, sculpture, painting, photography) to showcase ahead of time. Teams will then create a flower arrangement to compliment their art piece the morning of the competition. There will be a standard set of materials available in the basement of the church, but feel free to bring anything you feel will enhance your floral exhibit. At 11:30 AM a visiting flower show judge will review each of the exhibits, deconstruct them, and suggest a 'winner'. Flower Show open to the public 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

Hospitality: Lucy Ellis, Kelly Ianno, Willie Sawyer

4th Annual Great Gardener Series
Auditorium, St. Mary's Church

This year our speaker will be Charlie Nardozzi, a nationally recognized garden writer, speaker, and radio and television personality based in Vermont.

MAR 2-4
MAR 26

10:00 am Board Meeting
St. Mary's Church

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

Attracting and Hosting Wildlife in Your Garden and Designing an Edible Garden
Public Welcome $5

We're all aware of the symbiotic relationship between botany and biology, but it's becoming readily apparent that our gardens (and our crops) will not survive without the small creatures that help them pollinate and reproduce. Carolyn Snell, of Snell Family Farm, lives in a world where she must rely on this process throughout the growing season. Come hear her thoughts and advice on how to entice those little creatures into your garden. Carolyn will also describe and demonstrate how to design an edible garden that will stimulate not only your sight and smell, but also your taste!

Hospitality: Judy Miskell, Christy Altman, Jessica LaPlante

11:00 am Field Trip to Laurel Hill
The Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco is on a most beautiful site, high on a hill overlooking the Saco River. In the spring, when jonquils and daffodils are in bloom on the banking that commands the river view, it is unmatchable. We will carpool to the site just as the flowers are at their peak.
APR 13
APR 13
APR 27

11:00 am Succulent Wreath Workshop
Lincoln Farm Studio in Falmouth

Learn how to make Succulent Wreaths with Layne Gregory at her artist's studio in Falmouth. Using a 9" sphagnum wreath form and a variety of over 50 succulent cuttings, workshop participants will make a beautiful succulent wreath. With the proper, (easy) care, wreaths will last at least two years and be a centerpiece of conversation. Wreaths can be hung on an outside wall or placed as a table centerpiece. They require full sun and minimal care. Cost: $50-60.

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church

Stacy Brenner, Broadturn Farm

Ever wonder what a CSA actually is, or what they do? After a visit from Stacy Brenner, of Broadturn Farm, you will learn the ins and outs of Community Supported Agriculture! Stacey will explain what a CSA is and discuss how they impact our local farms and families. Afterwards, Stacy will share how to create some of her favorite flower arrangements, including which plants to use, how to design them, and how to secure little posies of buds. Public welcome $5

Hospitality: Marilyn Traiser, Jan Baker, Betty Yancey

9:00 am Plant Sale Set-up
9:00 am Plant Sale
MAY 11
MAY 29
MAY 30

11:00 am Annual Meeting
Maine Historical Society
489 Congress St, Portland

This year's annual meeting will be held at the Maine Historical Society, located next door to the Longfellow House at 489 Congress Street in Portland. We will begin the meeting at 11:00 am by taking a guided tour of the Longfellow Gardens. After the house and garden were bequeathed to MHS in 1901, a landscape architect created a Colonial Revival style garden. In 2007 the garden was rehabilitated following preservation standards, retaining the character and many of the plantings from the colonial garden. Our meeting will be held in the Shettleworth Lecture Hall at MHS at 11:00am. Following the meeting we will enjoy a catered lunch.

10:00 am Board Meeting
St. Mary's Church

GCFM Annual Convention
The Colony Hotel
Kennebunkport, ME

11:00 am Field Trip
Fuller Gardens
North Hampton, NH

Fuller Gardens is a public botanical garden on the seacoast of New Hampshire. The gardens feature thousands of rose bushes, formal English perennial borders, a Japanese garden, and a tropical conservatory. We will carpool there; the entry fee is $9/person.
JUN 11
JUN 17-18
JUN 22


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month, September through June, in the auditorium of Saint Mary's Parish House. (While Saint Mary's Church has provided the club with meeting space throughout the years, the club is not affiliated with the church.) Members are asked to be in attendance at a majority of meetings during the year, to help beautify and maintain designated garden areas, and to assist with fundraising projects. Currently the Club has a Spring Plant Sale. The Club has minimal dues.

Membership meetings include a time for socializing, a short business meeting, and an educational program and/or participatory workshop. There usually is a brief discussion of an environmental concern, horticultural topics, flower arranging and/or gardening tips.

Interested in joining? Contact a member of the club via email at


Organized in June 1930, Saint Mary's Garden Club was a charter member of the Garden Club Federation of Maine, Inc. Through the years, the Club's objectives have been to promote garden fellowship and to cultivate a spirit of good gardening in the community. Club members share a strong interest in gardening, environmental awareness, floral design, and in educating others in these areas whenever possible.

St. Mary's Coffee Sale Group

Involvement throughout the past eighty-plus years has included advocating at the Maine legislature to prevent billboard signs on Maine highways, landscaping at many civic sites in local towns and Portland, aiding in purchasing land for conservation and participating in "Keep Maine Beautiful," a part of the Keep America Beautiful project.

Donations over the years have been provided to libraries, botanical projects, the McLaughlin Garden, Friends of Casco Bay, Friends of the Royal River and the Morrison Center. Recent scholarships have been provided to Southern Maine Community College, Portland Arts & Science High School, the University of Maine, and Mast Landing Camp.

St. Mary's Coffee Sale Group, 1946 (left to right): Mrs. GUIDO J. Arzonico, Mrs. F. Margaret Burnham, mrs. l.m. thorndike, mrs. fred b. webster, mrs. richard e. pettingill, mrs. rolland e. irish and mrs. richard p. knight.

Community Outreach

Proceeds from St. Mary's Garden Club's Great Gardener Series and Spring Plant Sale are used to fund a yearly scholarship to a horticulture student at Southern Maine Community College, and for donations to local nonprofits, including Cultivating Community, The Morrison Center, The McLaughlin Garden Foundation, and Portland Arts and Technology High School. In 2013, an additional scholarship will be gifted to an Armed Services veteran to attend the Master Gardener program.

St. Mary's Church
43 Foreside Rd.
Falmouth, ME 04105